Our Consortium is open to all those who wish to visit our estate and discover the great world of heliciculture.

You can visit our consortium and discover how snails are raised, what they do during their day, how and why they produce slime, buy our products and much more.The visits usually take place over the weekends. These days offer the possibility to restaurateurs, families and enthusiasts to get to know our world.In addition to the heliciculture consortium, you can also visit the equestrian centre with dozens of show-jumpers and saddle horses.You will also find our Bar and our agritourism open to welcome you.

Our Consortium organizes gastronomic events and glamorous directly from the estate in order to give the possibility to taste our products directly from the manufacturer.Our holiday farm will welcome you by preparing excellent snail-based dishes and themed aperitifs.Our evenings are accompanied by excellent music, guest chefs for the occasion and selected wines.

Educational Farm

We believe that culture is transmitted from an early age. For this reason we have chosen to open our doors to schools and institutions that wish to bring their classes to visit our Heliciculture Consortium and the Equestrian Centre.