The project

This proposal arised in 2016 from an idea of Marco Salvadori, the current President of the Consortium, who, thanks to his international experience in the field of Heliciculture and cosmetics, understood the enormous potential of this project.

After months of negotiations to obtain permits and authorisations from the Park, the project began to take a more concrete shape following the meeting between Marco Salvadori and Gianmarco Panini, the owner of the Boccadarno Equestrian Centre located in Marina di Pisa.
In 2017 the two young entrepreneurs thus laid the foundations for the future consortium (The Snail from the Park) 'La Lumaca del Parco' which is located right inside the Boccadarno Estate, full of ideas and plans for the development of this great project.

The Consortium has in fact been conceived as an educational and cultural centre to share the values we believe in and is open to be visited, through our events and open days, by anyone interested in discovering the fascinating world of Heliciculture and its great potential.

Our values are founded on respect for the land, which is increasingly being exploited and impoverished, and on the well-being of our snail friends.

The Park

To breed within the Protected Natural Park of San Rossore is indeed a unique opportunity which allows the Consortium to bear the quality trademark of the Park.This is a great added value for our customers, testifying to the commitment we make every day to obtain the highest quality.Within the consortium we farm the queen of snails, the Helix Aspersa Muller, which is considered the top for culinary purposes and for the purity of the burr it produces.The 'La Lumaca del Parco' consortium has been founded to become a reference point for the production of snails, or so called escargots, for gastronomic purposes and for the collection of top quality snail slime.Our production standards are indeed very strict and follow precise guidelines.Our experience as manufacturers of cosmetics based on snail slime leads us to be recognised as specialists in this field.


Marco Salvadori

President of the Consortium

His companies operate mainly in the agricultural and cosmetic sector.He is in fact co-founder of one of the largest international heliciculture plants in Bulgaria and owner of the exclusive cosmetics company, Helice Cosmetic.For years he has concentrated the company development on a major project based on snail farming and its various branches of production ranging from the sale of the renowned escargots to the production of quality snail slime.Considered by him as a 'nectar', he is in fact focusing a large part of his activities and research on this last element, above all in the cosmetic field.From this year he is the founder and President of the (Snail from the Park) La Lumaca del Parco consortium.Visit the website of Marco Salvadori to find out more about him.

Marco Salvadori Web Site

GianMarco Panini

Director of the Consortium

Since 2009 he has been the owner of the Boccadarno Equestrian Centre located in Marina di Pisa. He is the Italian champion of ... .... and manages the equestrian centre