The breeding of our snails, or escargot, merges fully with agriculture as our farm is more or less situated in the wild. Our snails are bred outdoors, fenced by large specific enclosures.We follow the method of complete cycle breeding that consists in introducing into the enclosures a number of snails that are left to reproduce. The offspring will then be moved to other fenced areas, the so-called fattening enclosures, where they will grow until they are ready for the extraction of slime or the sale for food.To protect themselves from the elements and from eventual death, our snails, during the winter period, are sheltered inside special greenhouses in our farms which are used for this purpose.This allows us to protect our friends the snails and ensure our standards of quality.The snail we breed is the Aspersa Muller which is considered the most prized for its flesh, both for its organoleptic and nutritive values.Snails have always been used as a food but only recently have its nutritional values attracted the attention of the medical / scientific community.Snail meat is in fact rich in protein (12.9%) and very low in fat (1.7%), which makes it relate to lean fish. It is in fact classified as a mollusc or shellfish of the earth. Its introduction as a dietary food is becoming increasingly popular in diets prescribed by specialists.

Snile Slime

The other important aspect of Aspersa Muller is the quality of its 'burr', considered to be the best for cosmetic-pharmaceutical purposes. Oh yes, snail slime is the new frontier of cosmetics and medicine! The properties of snail slime are almost astonishing. It is no coincidence that the pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in resources.Snail slime is the liquid that the snail secretes and which facilitates its movement. It is also a form of defense.

It has some very important components such as:mucopolysaccharidesallantoinglycolic acidelastincollagen

These components make the snail mucus similar to our skin with healing effects (regenerates cells) and emollients with benefits on ageing skin, acne, stretch marks and skin discoloration. We are also seeing great results on psoriasis with important visible results after just a few applications.This is arousing much interest and gives us confirmation of the enormous potential of this application.Slime extraction takes place in a special machine that gently "tickles" the snails to make them just drool without creating stress or trauma. This is very important for the well-being of the snails themselves and the quality of the burr.Snails need a lot of hydration, which we provide by means of an appropriate irrigation system. The soil must have a good percentage of calcium and limestone.The diet is based on fresh vegetables and special organic feeds that balance the diet.